Mana Palle Badi – Mana Dharma Nidhi (A Charitable Trust for Developing Government Schools)


Associate people with social responsibility to raise donations for equipping government schools with basic amenities along with the due required infrastructure that facilitates qualitative learning environment in schools that could produce intellects for future generations is the only motive of MANA PALLE BADI- MANA DHARMA NIDHI.    Read More

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Action Plan

Issues to be addressed in schools

  • Unpainted walls to be painted attractively
  • Providing clean and hygienic drinking water
  • Full-fledged Library with books, chairs, bookshelves and tables
  • Minor works (repairing windows, doors, fans etc) in almost all schools across the district
  • Inadequate sports material and lack of playground
  • Unfavorable condition to conduct Digital classes
  • No proper toilets for girls and boys/ sanitation maintenance

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Executive body and responsibilities of committees

  • District level committee
  • Mandal level committee
  • Village level committee
  • Agency for implementation at District level

District level committee

  • Chairman: District Collector & Magistrate, Medak
  • Vice Chairmen: 1)  Superintendent of Police, Medak and Joint Collector, Medak

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 I, a social custodian solemnly believe firmly that

     No donation is neither chaste nor above the donation for the cause of education.

I resolve to be abreast and mentor development of schools in villages.

I, in collaboration with the government, become a volunteer donor to architect the script of developing the standards of education in villages.

I take an oath to contribute in what so ever manner to MANA PALLE BADI- MANA DHARMA NIDHI to indulge in developmental activities of government schools with utmost humility.



Adopting a School

Adopt a school in district

Provision of water and toilet facilities  separately for boys and girls, Construction and renovation of existing building or compound wall, Provision of equipment and Providing computers/funding for computer training of students, Strengthening of Laboratory and Library, Developing of playground/provision of play materials, Building school infrastructure etc.

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School Building Minor Repairs

   school development

School buildings minor repairs like proper slabs, gates, windows, doors, repairing craked walls etc.

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White wash and Painting


White wash and Painting schools

Make schools more colorful with attractive painted pictures that promote conceptual understanding and learning by the students.

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School Electricity

School Electricity facilityThere are numerous potential applications of electricity with in schools. At the most basic level the school requires lights, fans and plug points for charging/ connecting from key uses of the energy.

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Drinking Water

drinking water supply

Provide water filter plant, for smooth implementation of mid-day meal scheme by the government and make healthy Telangana state.

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Library Needs

School library donation

To develop comprehensive reading skills of students, libraries are established where students are encouraged to develop their linguistic proficiency by reading moral stories, poems, and proverbs that imbibe moral and humanistic values in them.

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Science Lab

Science Lab in schools

Establish science lab with such apparatus that ignite students’ curiosity and innovations that enable them to develop their cognition.

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Digital Class Room

digital class rooms Infrastructure

Provide schools with digital screens and machinery to impart technology-enabled education on par with the latest teaching-learning strategies that make students part of skill India

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Play Ground

Play Ground in schools

To make students mentally and physically fit, in addition to the supply of sports material, karate for self defense, yoga, and music classes are conducted

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First-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit in schools

First aid promotes the sense of safety. It makes them capable of managing incidents and assessing casualties. Dealing with cuts, scrapes, grazes, burns and other minor injuries

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Toilets in schools

Construction of separate toilets/urinals for both girls and boys in schools wherever is required to accomplish the objective of Swatch Bharath/ Swatch Telangana.

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Swach Vidyalaya

Swach Vidyalaya maintenance

Facilitate schools to achieve Haritha Haram/ Swatch Bharath’s objective in schools and promote to citizens of the village.

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Mana Palle Badi - Mana Dharma Nidi (Press Meet)

Account Details

A/c Name:District Collector Medak

Manapallebadi Manadharmanidhi

A/c No: 50100287520882

Bank Name: HDFC, Medak

IFSC Code: HDFC0002395

Trust Registration number: 6382/2019

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