Associate people with social responsibility to raise donations for equipping government schools with basic amenities along with the due required infrastructure that facilitates the qualitative learning environment in schools that could produce intellects for future generations is the only motive of MANA PALLE BADI- MANA DHARMA NIDHI.


State of Government schools in villages, once considered to be temples of learning, is too pathetic, the schools are suffering from umpteen reasons like poor infrastructure,  lack of basic amenities like toilets, inadequate classrooms, dilapidated buildings with no painted walls, broken blackboards, has neither Library nor Science lab, no ground, no sports equipment; these spectrum of issues forced the schools to become incapacitated to enroll socially disadvantaged and economically weaker section students as its counterpart private schools are found to be more attractive leaving government schools to relinquish the spirit of competing.

In such a scenario, the only ray of hope is to rejuvenate these schools by seeking the intervention of helping hands of those philanthropic personalities in general and the alumni of the respective schools, in particular, to be taken up. These schools are desperately waiting for those who once got educated from these schools and well settled in various capacities such as NRIs abroad, Doctors, Industrialists, Businessmen so on and so forth to lend their helping hands in the form of donations to these schools.

Although the Government of Telangana is striving to alleviate the grave situation in its capacity by leaving no stone unturned, the condition of these schools does not seem to see the light of the day. Thus the need is felt to seek the help of donors for donations towards MANA PALLE BADI- MANA DHARMA NIDHI trust to address the problems of the government schools in villages. Donations in any form and magnitude are appreciated as every contribution is acknowledged with utmost humility by the trust. Trust implores you to associate with us in the magnificent pious project on developing the standards of government schools in villages by all possible means.


  • Mana Palle Badi-Mana Dharma Nidhi, a trust, not an Agency of the government founded by the District Collector of Medak, whose objective is to partner with citizens and volunteer donors as a part of their social responsibility in raising the standards of schools in the villages of Medak District.
  • The District Collector, the District Chairman of the District Level Committee, and the Special Officer appointed by the District Collector, the Chairman of District Level Committee, only would have the prerogative either to implement or to abrogate the decisions taken at the district level.
  • Various committees at different levels formed by the district collector, the chairman of the district-level committee, will have to discharge their duties with utmost social responsible.
  • Members appointed for various committees at different levels are expected to discharge their duties voluntarily with no monetary benefits, but the district collector, the chairman of the district-level committee only has the prerogative to amend the rule and pay travel allowances to the members as on when need if felt.
  • The onus is on the district-level committee to take necessary steps to upload the details of donations made by individuals onto the website along with details of expenses to maintain transparency for the benefit of people.
  • Enlisting the problems of schools as presented by the Village committee to Mandal committee then to the District committee, the district level committee will disburse funds on a priority basis according to the rule, but the same stands void if the district committee decides to release funds to any school on urgent need base.
  • The state of the school before intervention by Man Palle Badi-Mana Dharma Nidi and the state of school after intervention by Man Palle Badi-Mana Dharma Nidi should be uploaded onto the website recurrently to keep people informed of all the developmental activities that are taken up in government schools consequently gain their confidence.
  • In addition to the current existent directives of Mana Palle Badi-Mana Dharma Nidhi, the chairman of the district committee and the committee has a prerogative to amend the same as on when a need is felt in future in concurrence to circumstances arise by then.
  • For audit purposes, the district committee appoints a government or a private auditor, and the relevant details of the audit will be uploaded every year onto the website for the benefit of people.
  • Donors who donated in bulk are allowed to endorse the government schools of their choice in their village, however, the fund allocated for developmental activities will not exceed 80% of their donation, and the rest of 20% of the donation will cumulate to corpus fund of the trust.
  • All transactions by Trust are carried out on online mode only.
  • Donors who donate immovable assets like land, buildings, or philanthropic donors who are interested in adopting a school should be honored and acknowledged duly with utmost priority and veneration.
  • Donation of worth 25 lakhs or above made by any NRI or indigenous donor, can get their names or their parents’ name, or the names of their choice displayed permanently on the school name board.
  • Donors who sponsor for the construction of additional rooms will duly be acknowledged by inscribing their names on the nameplate in the same room.
  • The district committee should design innovative strategies to encourage people for more donations now and then.
  • MANA PALLE BADI-MANA DHARMA NIDHI is a law-abiding Trust that functions strictly following the rules and regulations of Telangana/Andhra Pradesh act for society’s registration.
  • Donors should duly be felicitated and complemented with honorary awards for their donations by the district committee chairman, the district collector at the district level.
  • The Implementing Agency appointed to supervise the progress of developmental activities by the district committee chairman, the district collector, has the right to be vigilant in the proceedings of the agency.
  • The formation of the Implementing Agency is strictly the discretionary power of the district committee.
  • The district committee chairman, the district collector, would initiate disciplinary action against or strictly penalize if any incumbent found to be breaching the act or did anything that attracts dereliction of the duties while discharging the responsibilities assigned to the incumbent by the Trust.

The founding father of the trust

MANA PALLE BADI- MANA DHARMA NIDHI Trust is a result of pensive thought out by the honorable district collector of Medak, K.Dharma Reddy IAS, who was perturbed by the devastating state of government schools in villages across the district, determined to provide these schools with minimum basic amenities with the help of people in the form of donations along with government sanctions, consequently standardize government schools.