Action Plan

Issues to be addressed in schools

  • Unpainted walls to be painted attractively
  • Providing clean and hygienic drinking water
  • Full-fledged library with books, chairs, bookshelves, and tables
  • Equipping Science Labs
  • Minor works (repairing windows, doors, fans, etc) in almost all schools across the district
  • Inadequate sports material and lack of playground
  • Unfavorable condition to conduct Digital classes
  • Lack of First Aid kits
  • No proper toilets for girls and boys/ sanitation maintenance
  • Inadequate classrooms/ No compound wall

Action to resolve issues

Government intervention

  • Construction of school buildings
  • Recruiting Teachers
  • Construction of the compound wall

Society intervention

  • Inviting donations- arranging Corpus fund
  • Execute smooth functioning of school by providing basic amenities


  • NRIs
  • Higher up Employees/ Govt. Employees
  • Industrialists/ Businessmen/ Contractors
  • Philanthropic Donors
  • Teachers
  • Doctors/ Engineers/ Lawyers
  • Public representatives
  • Parents of students/ Alumni/ Villagers

Quantum of donations to MANA PALLE BADI- MANA DHARMA NIDHI

Minimum: 100 Rupees

Maximum: Donor’s wish

 Executive responsibilities of MANA PALLE BADI- MANA DHARMA NIDHI

  • Forming committees at District, Mandal and Village levels
  • Conducting meetings to hold discussions for the welfare of schools
  • Identifying problems to prioritize and resolve them on need base
  • Promoting developmental activities
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Accumulate donations to spend wisely for developmental activities
  • Submitting the monthly report on expenditure


  • Endeavor to strengthen government schools and make them educational center by encouraging people to be part of developmental activities in schools along with the government in providing basic amenities.
  • Make schools more colorful with attractive painted pictures that promote conceptual understanding and learning by the students.
  • Provide water filter plant, for smooth implementation of mid-day meal scheme by the government and make healthy Telangana state.
  • To develop comprehensive reading skills of students, libraries are established where students are encouraged to develop their linguistic proficiency by reading moral stories, poems, and proverbs that imbibe moral and humanistic values in them.
  • Establish science lab with such apparatus that ignite students’ curiosity and innovations that enable them to develop their cognition.
  • To make students mentally and physically fit, in addition to the supply of sports material, karate for self-defense, yoga, and music classes are conducted.  
  • Provide schools with digital screens and machinery to impart technology-enabled education on par with the latest teaching-learning strategies that make students part of skill India.
  • Make all government schools across Medak District, a role model for the rest of the schools across Telangana state.
  • Construction of separate toilets/urinals for both girls and boys in schools wherever is required to accomplish the objective of Swatch Bharath/ Swatch Telangana.
  • Facilitate schools to achieve Haritha Haram/ Swatch Bharath’s objective in schools and promote to citizens of the village.
  • Motivate citizens and old students to save government schools and make them realize that it is their social responsibility.
  • The ultimate aim of MANA PALLE BADI- MANA DHARMA NIDHI is to make government schools as a center for excellence where the focus is on education, health, high nutrient food, cleanliness, and hygienic, patriotism, socially responsive, discipline and self-defense and prepare students to be good citizens of future India.