Kanti Velugu

Date : 15/08/2018 - | Sector: health
Telangana Kanti Velugu

The State Government has embarked on a Noble Project of achieving “avoidable blindness-free” status by conducting a Comprehensive and Universal Eye Screening for the entire population of the State under the title ‘Kanti Velugu’.

The salient features of ”Telangana Kanti Velugu” are:-

  • Universal Eye Screening to be done for all the citizens of Telangana.
  • All cases that require correction of Refraction Errors, Spectacles to be distributed free of cost
  • Surgeries will be organised in all cases of Cataract, Glaucoma, Retinopathy, corneal disorders etc.,
  • All the services will be provided free of cost
  • Medicines for common eye ailments will be provided
  • Citizens will be educated on prevention of serious disabling eye diseases.


All Citizens of Telangana


avoidable blindness-free

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