SC Corporation


  • The Dist.S.C.Service Co-op.Society Ltd., Medak was registered during 2017 under APC Act 1964, with the main objective to provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets to the poor Scheduled Caste households for Socio-Economic Development. The Medak Dist. Society formed with Registration No.TR.No.905, DT:05-08-2017.
  • The Dist. Society implements various Self Employment, Economic Support Schemes for the economic development of SC families in the District, through Annual SC Action Plans every year as per the target allocations and guidelines communicated by the Head Office, TSSCCDC Ltd., Hyderabad.

Managing Committee :

  1. District Collector                                           –           Chairman / MC
  2. Executive Director SC Corporation           –           Member/ Convener
  3. Dist. Cooperative Officer                             –           Person
  4. Dist. Agriculture Officer                              –           Person
  5. General Manager (DIC)                               –           Person
  6. Chief Executive Officer (Z.P)                      –           Person
  7. District Rural Dev. Officer                          –           Person
  8. Dist. Scheduled Caste Dev. Officer           –           Person
  9. Dist. Welfare Officer                                    –           Person

Main Objective:

  • The main objective is to provide financial assistance for the creation of income-generating assets to the poor Scheduled Castes households for Social and Economic Development.
  • The Society has been established with the following main objectives:
  1. To provide financial assistance for the creation of income generating assets.
  2. To offer training programmes for skill up-gradation leading to self/ wage employment.
  3. To empower women self-help groups for taking up economic support activity.
  4. To plug critical gaps of finance in economic support schemes.

Schemes with SCA subsidy:

Self Employment Schemes  2018-19 it is proposed to assist (297) beneficiaries with Bank linked programme with an outlay of Rs.678.00lakhs

As per GO Ms.No.38 SCD(SCP)dept. dt.28.08.2018.

Subsidy pattern.                                    

80% (for unit cost up to Rs.1.00 lakh)

70% (for unit cost up to Rs.2.00 lakh)

60% (limited to Rs.5.00 lakhs for unit cost from Rs.2.01lakhs up to Rs.7.00lakhs)

Schemes Implemented:

  • The major schemes implemented include; Purchase of Agricultural lands, Self Employment Schemes ( Industries Services and Business) and Minor Irrigation (Bore wells, Pumpsets, Energisation), Animal Husbandry ( Milch Animals, Sheeps), Assistance to Vulnerable groups (Safaikaramcharies,  bonded labour, jogins, flayers & tanners, Dist. Initiatives) and Training programmes to educated un-employed youth etc.,

Existing Subsidy Policy:

  • Bank linked Schemes :The subsidy up to 80% for the unit cost up to  00 lakh, 70% for the unit cost up to 2.00 lakh, 60% ( limited to  5.00 lakhs)  for unit cost from 2.01 lakh up to 10.00 lakh to  each SC family, for the  year 2015-16 and the balance as Bank loan as per GO Ms. No.20 SCD (SCP) Dept dt.30.09.2015.
  • Non-Bank linked Schemes:100% subsidy is provided for LPS, Minor Irrigation Schemes like Borewells, Pumpsets, Energisation, Petty Schemes, Training programmes and District Initiatives.
  • The subsidy is released online, directly to the Bank Account of beneficiaries from the Head Office, Hyderabad

Land Purchase Scheme (LPS)

  • An extent of 374.07 acres of land for the benefit of 172 SC families, with a total outlay of Rs.1862.49 lakhs has been taken up under Land Purchase Scheme so far in the Medak District from 14.08.2014 to 2017-18 so far.
  • 1st crop cultivation and inputs have been provided to 166 beneficiaries covering an extent of 358.26 acres an amount of Rs.65.47 lakhs during 2014-15 to 2017-18.                                                                                                                                                                         

Self Employment Schemes under SCAP 2017-18

  • As against the physical target of 519 and subsidy of Rs.677.10 lakhs, sanctions were accorded 632 units with a subsidy amount of Rs.673.60 lakhs.

Self Employment Schemes under SCAP 2018-19

Eligibility Criteria for beneficiaries under the self-employment schemes with bank linkage:

1.Age :    (a) 21-50 years for non-agriculture Schemes as on July 1st of the year of consideration.

               (b) 21-60 years for agriculture Schemes as on July 1st of the year of consideration.

               (c) 18-45 years for Skill Development Training Programme

2.Income :  Rs 1, 50,000 per annum for Rural areas.

                         Rs 2, 00,000 per annum for urban areas

 (Municipalities, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayats) .


Schemes with unit costs for the year 2018-19 (PDF 133 KB)