Little teacher & Little Leader Programme

little teacher little leader project

       A unique innovative programme to address the disparities between rural and urban school children in achieving quality education started in only in Medak district Telangana state for the academic year 2018-19 for 10th class students.


          On 14 July 2018, Honorable Collector & District Magistrate Medak District Telangana Sri.Dharma Reddy Garu initiated an innovative programme little teacher little leader for the children studying in government schools during the academic year 2017-18 for the first time under the guidance of Vandemataram Foundation, a civil society organization CSO headed by Sri. Ravinder to provide quality education.

Summary of the Programme

                   The deteriorating quality of learning in government schools currently one of the most discoursed issues in the realm of public provisioning for the education sector this also created a bias towards private schooling with the perception that the quality of learning would be better in private schools. However as per ASER data the quality of learning in private schools also decorating. To address the above issue, Vandematharam foundation a civil society organization CSO came forward with a unique innovative programme little teacher little leader Hon’ble District Collector Medak pleased to implement the same in Medak District of Telangana.

                   As an initiative, District. Education Department in collaboration with Vande Mataram foundation conducted an initial meeting on 12.09.2018 headed by Collector &Dist Magistrate Medak district. A core committee of 50 subject experts formed. A residential training programme for 3 days in 2 spells was conducted where 383 boys 425 girls 808 selected children in total from 165 high schools have participated.

                   Under this programme special classes will be conducted in two sessions morning session 1 hour before the commencement of the regular classes and evening session 1 hour after the school hours. The student peer group would be lead by a little teacher and a little leader, a helping hand, to ensure quality education, for better results in public examination.

There will be a slip test in the morning session on certain topic decided by a little teacher evaluated immediately and discussed in the peer group. During evening special classes, the little teachers clarify the doubts in the regular topics of the different subject in the cyclic order (Telugu to social), these discussions in the group enable children fruitful learning outcomes.

 Little Teacher:

  • He acts as an interlocutor among the peer group children
  • Makes peer-group children discuss, analyze and understand the difficult concepts and clarify the doubts.
  • Conducts a slip test in morning special class and discuss the concept of the same
  • Displays mind mapping charts in the classroom.
  • Prepares a questionnaire from each topic in accordance with the academic standards.

Little Leader:

  • Takes care of the attendance of the peer group children.
  • Evaluates the answer scripts of the slip test conducted in the morning session.
  • Maintains records of the above.
  • Maintains coordination with the other peer group children
  • Maintains discipline among the children

Little teacher & Little Leader Programme

          An Innovative initiation in Medak district of Telangana is expected to create an impact in a wide range indicator which is listed below.

  • Enhancement in regular attendance of children.
  • Creates interest among children in attending school regularly
  • Increases student motivation and sense of achievement in learning
  • Creates a cordial atmosphere among the students
  • Releases pressure and fear of examination.
  • Feels free to express is views
  • Creates interest in participating group discussions.
  • Develop new trends in creativity
  • Encourages individual differences in questioning method
  • Increases children learning enthusiasm and encouragement in classroom activities
  • Increases sense of confidence and responsibility among children
  • Recognizes the importance of board examination and higher education
  • Develop social effective skills
  • Understands that evaluation is continuous and built into the learning process
  • Helps in achieving maximum member of IIIT seats in Basara
  • Improve the pass percentage of the students in the district

900 students in all were selected for this programme and given orientation. After going back to their schools they form into required no of groups shares knowledge, clarifies doubts conducts daily 2 exams in the morning and evening sessions within the group to give out best results in public examinations.

During the last academic year, 2017-18 Little Teacher Little Leader Programme had a great impact on the results of the public examination in March 2018. 11 Children in the District achieved 10GPA, 47 Government school in the District got 100% results. 7651 children passed in the first division and  8564 children got second division. The pass out percentage has improved to 90.06% and  Over 85 children got the seats in IIIT Basara.

In order to improve the quality in education and to enrich the knowledge of 10th class students during this academic year 2018-19 from all the 166 schools( 06 Government schools -463 children,137 ZP schools-7507 children, 15 KGBV-612 children, 7 Model Schools-644 children and one Aided school-32 children) of Medak District, 9273 children in all are benefited under this innovative programme.

We expect quality results this academic year also. 100 plus 10 GPA, increase in the pass percentage in public examinations  March 2019. 

Project Details

  • Address: District Collectorate, Integrated Collectorate Complex (ICC), Medak. Pincode: 502110
  • Contact Number: 7995087610
  • Contact Person: District Education Officer