A Study on Farmers Death Cases due to Various Causes in Medak District.

This is a report regarding farmers death cases in Medak District. Farmers death cases in Medak district is to be prevented with the knowledge of reasons behind the death cases. So this is a study regarding the farmer’s death cases, death causes due to many reasons. Reasons for death are classified into Suicide, Snakebites, Electricity, Motor Cycle Accidental Cases and Unhealthy issues. My study is based on the classifications and analysis of the reasons behind the death of Farmers. My objective of the report is to analyze the causes of death with the help of statistical data and finding out the conclusions from the study. Now let us study about various causes of death in detail:

No. of farmer death cases in Medak district (665)

  • Suicide
  • Snake bites 
  • Electricity 
  • Motor Vehicles Accidental death 
  • Unhealthy issues


This is regarding the issue of suicide in connection with agriculture. We know that there are many people have suicided as there are many reasons like low yield, becoming insolvent and many causes which lead to depression of farmer. People should understand “suicide is not only killing them but also killing their dreams, desires and their hard work”. People know this fact but situations demand them to attempt for suicide. Before attempting for suicide people have to think about dreams, desires and hard work.

There are alternatives for such situations which made people to trouble. Alternatives like crop insurance are available for farmers to recover from financial loss if the yield is lost due to causes of nature. For instance: If there is a loss of the crop, it loss of time, money and crop, in such kind of situations people should analyze the about the alternatives like crop insurance is available for loss. However, farmers cannot regain the lost time and lost yield but farmers can recover them from financial loss. Suicide situations arise due to lack of awareness about alternatives relating to agricultural problems. So in my point of view, there is a need to conduct awareness programs in village wise Mandal Agriculture Offices. This can be represented with the help of  a table.

No. of Suicide death cases in Medak district (32)

S.No No of death cases No of Mandals
 1  0  3
 2  1  10
 3  2  2
 4  4  4
 5  6  1

Snake Bite:

This is another kind of death which is caused due to a snake bite. Death due to snakebite causes mostly among farmers as they spend much time in the fields like paddy, wheat, etc. Illiteracy is one of the causes for death due to snake bites, because of illiteracy farmers may believe in superstitions as a mantra will cure the snake-bite poison. So there is a need to create awareness about the deaths due to snake bites can be treated with the medicines.

  • Awareness about snakebite cases and related treatment should be created among the public.
  • There are many helpline centers are present to treat snakebite cases.
  • Even though there are helpline centers for the treatment of snakebite cases, there should be a supply of more medicines for the cure of snakebite cases. This can be understood with the help of  a table representing snake bite cases:

No. of Snakebite death cases in Medak district (11)

S.No No of death cases No of Mandals
 1  0  10
 2  1  9
 3  2  1

Electricity deaths:

There are electricity deaths happening due to LC, improper setting of electrical wires, no between the employees, no proper knowledge about connections of electric wires, etc. To prevent these death cases there should be:

  • Effective communication system,
  • Proper knowledge about electric wire connections is needed. 
  • Adaptability and knowledge of technology in connection with electricity is required. 
  • The quality of understanding of technology is required.

Even though there is much effective communication system, still the effective communication systems are required. This can be represented with the help of  a table as follows:
No. of Electrical shock death cases in Medak district (16)

S.No No of death cases No of Mandals
 1  0  7
 2  1  10
 3  2  3

Motor Vehicle Accidental Deaths:

This is relating to death due to road accidents. There are many deaths happening due to accidents. Accidents due to the causes like lack of knowledge about the traffic rules, violation of traffic rules, no proper knowledge of driving and rash driving, no proper roads etc. there are some of the causes for road accidents. To reduce the death cases there is a need to follow the traffic rules, there should be a proper knowledge of driving, and there should be proper roads. “The only conclusion we can give is following a rule can prevent road accidents”.
 The details of these cases:

No. of Motorcycle death cases in Medak District (42)

S.No No of death cases No of Mandals
 1  0  3
 2  1  9
 3  2  1
 4  3  4
 5  4  1
 6  7  1
 7  8  1

Unhealthy issues:

People die due to health issues. Health issues like suffering from diseases like Heart Attack, viral fevers, BP, liver failures, etc. Diseases occur due to unhygienic conditions, no proper food habits, no proper knowledge about food diet, no proper knowledge about consuming the foods at the right time and hereditary is also one of the causes.
Death cases will be prevented only when there is awareness about eatables and their diet. There should be proper maintenance of the environment and can be prevented with proper hygienic conditions.
For prevention of these cases, proper awareness is to be created by conducting health camps frequently by the health department. Awareness leads to creations of healthy habit and change in small habit lead to prevention of great disease and it prevents death due to diseases.

No. of Unhealthy death cases in Medak District (564)

High lights of the above incidents :

  • Total 174 deaths occurred due to heart attack and highest recorded (18) in Medak and lowest (2) in Manoharabad. 
  • Total 161 deaths occurred due to viral fever and highest recorded (34) in Papannapet and lowest (1) in Shankarampet_A.

Conclusions of the study:

  • Creating awareness about alternatives for such problems. 
  • Creation of awareness by counseling people to face the situations and withstand the pressure. 
  • Counseling people is possible by establishing counseling centers at Mandal Agriculture offices. 
  • “Suicide is killing the self”, it is the situation based on the stability of a farmer’s mindset. So to prevent farmer’s death cases strengthening the mindset of the farmer is important. 
  • Availability and awareness of medicine to snakebite cases among farmers should increase so that there will be the prevention of snakebite death cases to some extent. 
  • Proper utilization of LC’s, technology of automatic power shut down machines and in addition to these strict rules to be implemented to prevent electricity deaths. 
  • Health department should focus on the issues of heart attack and viral fever and thus it has to take measures for preventing these issues as there is a high percentage of death causes due to heart attack and viral fever. 
  • Creating awareness by conducting camp programs on “Road safety” by local station house officers and motor vehicle inspectors.
  • Conducting awareness in villages regarding seasonal diseases with help of the village level medical authorities in consulting with the district medical & health unit and also Anganwadi teams, Aasha workers team also be participated. Educate the villagers with the knowledge of medicines to be used as first aid. 
  • Cultural activities may be conducted on the above issues at village levels to make awareness with them. 
  • Technical issues regarding electricity power supply/shortage of power supply/ excess of power supply / short circuits and also mainly electric power shocks and defeated situations with the help of the line men’s of the village and Mandal levels and also with district nature disaster rescue team. 

Therefore “we cannot avoid the risk completely but we can prevent to some extent”, as we all know that “Prevention is better than cure”.

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