Pocharam Reservoir Lake


                      Pocharam-Reservoir-Lake VIEW       Pocharam-Reservoir- DAM View

 Pocharam located around 20 kms away from Medak boasts of a reservoir and a small animal sanctuary.  The dam was built between 1916-1922 over Allair, a tributary of the River Manjeera.       

                                                                                    POCHARAM BUNGALOW                                                                      

The Nizam’s Bungalow, situated near the reservoir, was constructed in 1918. The island located in the center of the reservoir is home to various species of shrubs. Boats are available near the reservoir for reaching the island. The reservoir serves as a storage point on the Allair River and is also a favorite picnic spot for travelers who thoroughly enjoy fishing at this reservoir. Medak can be reached by NH7 highway from Hyderabad within two hours. 

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