Mines & Geology

Particulars of Organization, Functions & Duties:

The Office of the Asst. Director of Mines & Geology, Medak is sub-ordinate District Office under the Directorate of Mines & Geology, Hyderabad Government of Telangana is located in Integrated Collectorate Complex, G-Block Room No.15, Pillikotiyal, Medak-502 110.

  The main functions include

  1. To assist the Government in the grant of mineral concessions for Major & Minor Minerals and to collect the Mineral Revenue to Government.
  2. To assist the Government in administering various Rules, Acts and regulations relating to Mineral concessions.
  3. Receipt and processing the applications received in the District for grant of Reconnaissance permits, Prospecting Licence, Mining Leases, Quarry Leases and offering Technical opinion to Government for grant of leases.
  4. Inspection of Mines to ensure systematic mining verification of accounts of the lessees and guidance for proper exploitation of Mineral keeping the conservation point also in view.
  5. Prevention of illicit mining and transportation of minerals.
  6. Field Investigation for exploration and Prospecting of Mineral Deposits in District.
  7. Rendering advice to entrepreneurs for establishment of mineral-based industries in District.
  8. Persuasion with various Government Engineering Departments for speedy recovery and remittance of Seigniorage charges for Public works executed through contractors.
  9. Persuasion for recovery of evasion of Seigniorage Fee/Royalty referred by Regional Vigilance & Enforcement Department
  10. Flying Squads for Monitoring & Checking Mining Matter for Prevention of Illegal Mining & Transportation as District Level Task Force.

Staff Particulars of Mines & Geology (PDF 207 KB)